Local, fresh, organic is the focus of this juicery


Fresh Press Juicery and Coffee
111 Railroad Ave
Loveland, Ohio

It’s always refreshing to see new establishments open that have a local, organic, fresh and healthy attitudes that bleeds into the menu. With a mixture of foods from breakfast to dinner, juices, smoothie to healthy, coffee, acai bowls to healthy treats, this place is a breath of fresh air.


It’s location couldn’t be better. When first looking for the restaurant, by car, remember, it can’t be seen by the main thorough road, but faces the bike path. Once passing the park, there is plenty of parking available. It offers bike racks and water for dogs. It offers outdoor and indoor seating. It’ll offer many bikers, walkers and visitors a solitude to the summer heat and activities.


As far as price, don’t expect it to be inexpensive. Buying fresh, organic and local cannot allow establishments such as Fresh Press to compete with places like McDonalds or Subway. Even though they are not overly priced, just know that you won’t be walking out with a $.99 coffee and muffin. But, the cost is well worth it.


I ordered a True Blue. I would have ordered a meal, but just ate before I arrived- but definitely plan on coming back. The True Blue had many ingredients that I can’t remember, but know that it had grapefruit in it- because that’s what it tasted like. But, it was delicious.


I can’t wait to try it again and again.

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