Freddy’s making family night extra special

Well, I’m stuffed – that’s because I just left a Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Amelia, OH. It was amazingly delicious for fast food. But, the really amazing thing was the heartfelt dedication of the employees. They all seemed to really love their job and enjoyed the families that visited.

But, to take it one step further, to help families spend time together – without the distractions of electronics, it plans events for families, especially with children. Through its family themed trivia nights every Thursday, it helps families play as a team. The themed nights include that of Harry Potter night, Marvel, Disney and many others to come.

REVIEW: I was invited to come and try the food at Freddy’s and see what I thought. I ordered a single cheese burger and cheese curds (which are soon coming to the menu). The burger is grilled on a water broiler grill, making the edges crisp and perfectly cooked. The patty is smashed thin. The burgers come with onions, cheese, pickles, mayo and mustard. I don’t normally eat burgers with onions or mayo, but thought I would try it just as it comes- and glad I did. The onion, even though strong, added a touch of additional flavor and the pickles were long, crisp and tasted homemade. The mixture of mayo and mustard just topped off the unique taste that will keep customers coming again and again. It reminded me of a cheaper version of the Wahlburger’s burger.


The cheese curds were small little bits of cheese sticks that were bubbly hot, gooey, and lightly fried. I didn’t use any sauces, but Freddy’s has their own sauces for dipping. Next time, I’ll try it and let you know.

After eating, the staff took me on a tour of the kitchen and allowed me to make my own frozen custard.


The kitchen was top notch with the most modern kitchen conveniences, such as an oil system that sucked the old oil out of the fryers and replaced it with the new, clean oil- without anyone dumping the oil, removing the oil and all the while making it safer for the employees and cleaner for the establishment. A oil gets sucked into a large container in the back and is emptied by a company.

Washing dishes? You won’t find an employee scrubbing dishes or loading a dishwasher. Freddy’s has a washing system that does all the work for them. Just throw in the dishes and within the hour, just rinse and dry. All clean. I wish I could have that system at home.

Cleanliness: This way one of the cleanest fast food establishments that I’ve seen in a long time. It demonstrated, again, the pride of the employees.

Freddy’s has opened over 40 locations in the past year and is looking to open even more. Most recently in Beavercreek and/or Xenia. I would suggest the Xenia area – because there is really nothing in the small town and it would be a great addition to the community.


Freddy’s is also always looking to give back to the community. They offer Dine & Donate Nights for fundraisers. They offer donated baskets with products for fundraisers, catering and large cookies for concession stands, carnivals, church functions and more. If you have questions regarding community efforts, contact Carol Kalwa at (304) 838-6652.

**Bring in a copy of your church bulletin on Sundays and receive a FREE single scoop dish or cone with any purchase of a combo. 


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