Alexander’s Market & Deli refreshingly new

_DSC0026Alexander’s Market and Deli
160 High Street
Hamilton, OH

GRAND OPENING – May 1, 2018

Hamilton said goodbye to an old deli that had been apart of the community for decades. But, when it folded, some were not ready to move on. So, a new owner- with a fresh and new outlook- swooped the place up and renovated it and hired a well-established chef to create more than a deli menu, but a menu that would bring customers back to their Southern roots.


I was invited, along with many other bloggers and fans, to try out the joint prior to their opening. The dinner started off with an open salad bar containing the freshest ingrediates possible. The bar, which was similar to what is to be expected on any given day at the deli, included items such as a mix of greens, fresh spinach, artichoke, and many of the normal items found for a fresh salad. It also included fresh, homemade salad dressings. It also included cole slaw, pastas and the best potato salad that’s I’ve ever tasted.

Fresh salad and homemade soup

“The potato salad is something my grandma taught be when I was younger,” Chef Rachel Given said. “I also brought with me her recipe for the rotisserie chicken salad that we now offer.”

Then, we had samplings of the following sandwiches and soup:

The Hamiltonian

The Hamiltonian: This was the best sandwich, hands down. I loved it and if you know me, I loathe lunchmeat. But, this roast beef sandwich was anything but a slice of lunchmeat between two pieces of bread. It was a piece of Heaven sandwiched between a pretzel bun, topped with rich and creamy, homemade cole slaw, melted cheddar cheese and some sort of sauce and caramelized onions. It was delicious.

The Italian

The Italian: This sandwich was beautiful. Look at the color! It’s served warm on a whole wheat bun that’s grilled and toasted. It had ham, turkey, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce and picked onions. Other people loved it. I probably would have if I liked Italian sandwiches, but I don’t. But, the bread was delicious and it presented well.

The Plucked and Pickled Sandwich

Plucked and Pickled: This was a turkey, bacon sandwich with pickled onions with spinach artichoke spread on toasted sour dough bread. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even try it. I missed the rotation ¬†because I was too busy talking. But, it smelled really good and the name itself makes it appealing. Maybe the next visit I’ll try it out.

Fresh not frozen

Chile Chicken Queso Soup: This was hands down the best item I ate. The soup is a homemade bowl of wonder. It has just the right amount of kick to it and leaves the taste buds begging for more. I probably would have asked for a whole container of it to take home if I wasn’t so shy. As far as soups, the owner, Les Rudisell, said that they would be offering at least two different homemade soups each day. I’m sure the other ones will be just as good as this chicken queso, but if you are lucky enough to catch it, grab it for sure.

Located right across the street from the courthouse, this deli is going to be very busy during the lunch hour. Ordering ahead might be the thing to do, especially in Hamilton where there isn’t many other choices of food in this area.

This old location has a totally new look and a new vibe. Rudisell had to keep the name Alexander’s because the city demanded it, but he gave the name a new look at well- with a new logo. This small change was just enough to make it all his own. So, don’t be fooled by the name, thinking it is the same place. It’s new, fresh, and exciting.


Alexander’s takes great pride in keeping the menu fresh and healthy. Isn’t that where the food industry seems to be headed now? It’s refreshing when places like this are looking out for the best interest of it’s customer’s health and well-being.

“I’m so excited to hear what everyone thinks about the new menu and food,” Chef Given said.


Let me know what you think!

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