5 topics that should never be posted on social media

When has our private lives become so public?

While we have all been guilty of posting something inappropriate on social media, habit of it is something to avoid at all costs. Once it’s put out there, it’s always up for retrieval- by anyone- even your children, family, or anyone else that you may or may not know.

Here is a list of 5 NEVER POST topics:



I have been very guilty of this. It’s so easy to do when you are away from home, enjoying yourself and happy. You want everyone to know how much fun you and your family are having and the amazing things that you see. But, what about thieves that are watching and waiting for our house to be empty. So, rule of thumb: if you’re house is empty while you are away, AVOID posting vacation photos UNTIL you return. Then, post away.



Talk about drama. This topic is something that we see all the time and speaks about the posters character. Do you post about new relationships- telling everyone how in love you are one day and then belittle and degrade them the next? STOP.

Are you and your spouse or significant other fighting and throwing hurtful words around? Written words cannot be taken back and are hard to forget. Not only do the words hurt the person intended to, but they hurt family and friends. STOP.

Ever read comments like, “I’m sick and tired of this shit?” or “That’s it, I’m leaving this bitch.” STOP.

Going through a divorce? DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Anything you want to vent – do it personally to a close friend or family member. NEVER ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Be the bigger person.




You may have had children with another person that is a deadbeat, but posting or venting about it on social media to people that you don’t know won’t make anything better. Getting the opinions of others one your one-sided post, won’t help anything either. Let the legal process work and keep the comments to yourself. The only thing this can do is hurt the children involved. Yes, they might be small now, but one day, they will be older and they will be able to see that you posted inappropriate comments meant to hurt their other parent. Besides, no one should know that much about your personal business. I you feel someone does, then what’s wrong with a personal, face-to-face conversation with someone you trust.

For instance, see the following that is an actual posting on Facebook. You are a stranger to this person and so am I, but now, we all know too much and we all have our own opinions, but like everything on social media, it’s one sided.


So as you guys know me and my 7-year-olds donor has court coming up this Wednesday. He’s been in contempt with the judges orders and has failed to pay child support these last 5 months with no reason as to why other then he simply does not want to work. With that being said last weekend his infant daughter’s mom contacted me saying she was homeless and the baby was gonna have to stay there. Well the screenshots I’m posting with the post will explain everything so it’s doesn’t have to be a super long post. But my daughter has been calling me all morning and has told me that the baby isn’t down here. But on Friday the girl told me she came down here to bring him formula for the baby. So I’m starting to think she’s making this whole situation up to try and get me to sympathize and not press for jail time because since he’s in contempt and already owes so much money it’s a big possibility this time around. Which I would still press for it anyways because she’s trying to use her daughter as an excuse for him not to work. But single moms don’t get that option that’s the point of daycare. But I need some help insight something. Because I will also be taking this to the judge. [the writer also posted screenshots of the text messages from the “donor’s” girlfriend explaining a situation between her and the “donor”]





We all have those days where we hate our jobs. Unless you are your own boss and don’t have any employees to deal with- maybe. But many of us, aren’t so lucky. We have demanding bosses, demanding clients and tight deadlines. We are all overworked and underpaid. But, we need a job. We need money. So, we work.

But, complaining about your job, over and over again will only draw attention to your unhappiness. REMEMBER, everyone sees everything. There is nothing secret on social media. Rule of thumb, if you are that unhappy, find something else that might make you less unhappy before your boss decides that he can find someone else that will be happy with the job.

Also, never talk about employees/co-workers. If in school, don’t talk about students or friends. Bullying isn’t just in schools – it can happen at any age. Belittling anyone is not a good idea and doesn’t accomplish anything but hurt feelings and stored anger that could erupt in many ways.  



Does anything else need to be said? STOP and DON’T DO.


**Always be positive on social media. Remember the first thing you learn in kindergarten? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 


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