Manufacturing Summit coming to West Chester


Ohio Manufacturing Summit 
May 10, 2018

Ohio Manufacturing Summit

This is a BRAND NEW event!

But, what is it?

A networking event featuring discussions with some of the Tristate’s top manufacturing leaders.

There will be 3 panelists, along with a moderator, who are knowledgeable in the manufacturing industry.


This year’s panelists include Dan Janka, President, Mazak Corporation, Greg Knox, CEO Knox Machinery and Josh Mook, Innovation Leader, GE Additive.

They will answer audience questions about what is happening in the industry today, and within the area.

Tickets will include: breakfast, networking, a panel discussion, audience Q&A, a goodie bag and free parking!

2018 Moderator: Eric Harmon, President & Publisher Cincy Magazine, Ohio Business Magazine.


WHEN: May 10. 7:15am – 9:30am.

WHERE: Centre Park of West Chester Event & Banquet Center. 5800 Mulhauser Rd. West Chester, OH

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