Royce Cafe a pleasant surprise


Royce Cafe & Coffeehouse has moved to the Countryside YMCA. They are located in the main lobby and you don’t need a membership for the Y to enjoy the delicious food, smoothies, shakes and coffee they have to offer.

Royce at Countryside
1699 Deerfield Rd.
Lebanon, OH 20180503_125932

Boy, was this place a huge surprise to me. My friend and I were on our lunch hour and were originally going to La Rosa’s for lunch, but when it was too crowded, we looked for an alternative. We had heard about this place from co-workers but because it’s in the YMCA, never really thought about it. But, we decided to try it and glad we did.

I got the turkey wrap and my friend got the cauliflower veggie burger. Each came with a choice of a side, we both got the salad. But, Royce Cafe offers more than sandwiches- they offer homemade soups, meals and a ton of other things but their main focus is healthy, clean food that is not only nutritious but delicious.

They offer shakes- power and protein shakes – and specialized mixtures that offer revitalization after workouts and specialized coffees and cappuccinos. They have simple healthy snacks and more.

There is a really nice seating area in the YMCA for Royce customers. The best thing about their seating area is that it is in the YMCA. Yes, it smells like a pool area – so, for me, it seems like your on vacation or it’s summertime and having lunch next to the pool. I know, I’m weird. But, I loved it.

Another good thing about Royce’s is that they offer Whitt’s ice cream. How could it get any better.

We will be adding this place as a favorite to our lunch list.

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