Wellness Lounge opens up in Lebanon


The Wellness Lounge 
31 East Mulberry Street
Lebanon, OH


Three friends, Jayme, Christi and Sheena, made a lifetime commitment to a journey of wellness and good health by opening a wellness lounge that offers everything needed to stay healthy, eat clean and have a natural life.



The Wellness Lounge is a breath of fresh air nestled in the heart of Lebanon, across the street from Roll-on In. From the minute you walk into the door, all natural is all that comes to mind. From the natural wood to the smell of essential oils, it feels like a step into home.


For Health and wellness needs, the retail part of the shop sells essential oils from Young Living, diffuser necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Get away from the dangerous household cleaners by making your own. This boutique offers everything needed to do that- as well as classes. Purchase locally made body soaps, locally made honey, organic coffee, and much more.

For food – there is nothing better for the body and soul than food to table offerings. Yes, The Wellness Lounge offers locally butchered, organic meats, eggs, milk, butter and more. Yes, the price is more than the average supermarket, but you pay for what you get – right?


Not only does this boutique offer food, oils, natural soaps, lotions, etc. but also things like organic spices, hygiene products, informational books of nutrition, and others.



Check out this place when you get a chance. It’s amazing.

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