Market beyond expectations

home-heroThe North Market 
59 Spruce Street

From locally butchered meats, homemade products and foods, kitchen supplies to candies, pastas, fish and more, finding it all at The North Market is easy.

Looking for a specific, hard-to-find cheese, The North Market probably has it. Wine? No worries, you will find it here.

20180505_14130220180505_14133120180505_14331420180505_143338Spend the day loving Columbus? Add The North Market to your list. But, don’t expect it to be an easy stroll through the market on the weekends. It’s crowded and many of the vendors are not so friendly after a day of craziness, but if you can look past all that, it will be just fine.

If you stop by, share some of your photos. I’d love to see what you saw.

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