SUMMER TRAVEL: Must see museum in Houston, TX


The striped uniform was worn by Siegi Izakson, a survivor of seven concentration camps, during his detention in Buchenwald. He is one of the founders of this museum.

Holocaust Museum Houston
Hope is Greater than Hate
Morgan Family Center
9220 Kirby Dr. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 942-8000

Remembering over six million Jews and innocent victims and honoring the survivors of Houston. This museum teaches the dangers of hate, prejudice and apathy.

This museum opened in March 1996 and has had over 163,000 visitors a year. This museum specializes in more than Holocaust victims, but survivors and victims of the Houston area where they tell their stories, share personal experiences, and photos related to their experiences.

But, the photos speak more than words… so, here they are.



Admission to the museum.

Admission- $12
Children under 18-  free
Seniors $8


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