Meditation good for the soul: Five top places in the area


Meditation is the areas new wave of relaxation and extension to yoga practices. Meditation isn’t really a new technique for health, but becoming more acceptable by all. Some of the benefits of meditation are to help develop a deeper calm, clarity of the mind, and better heart health. It also helps with insomnia, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Addiction and much more.

But all meditation centers are not the same. Here are the top five meditation locations in the Dayton/Cincinnati areas:

Zen Fellowship of Dayton
Asian Arts Center
1630 E. Stroop Rd.

Cincinnati Zen Center
Christian Meditation Group
Northern Hills United Methodist Church
6700 Winston Rd.

World Peace Yoga and Meditation
268 Ludlow Ave., 2nd Floor

Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Clifton United Methodist Church
3416 Clifton Ave.

Heartfulness Institute of Beavercreek
3153 Lantz Rd.


Uma Mullapudi, a trainer at the Heartfulness Institute of Beavercreek, a non-profit educational organization for wellness and training, said classes are free of charge at their locations. She also said classes are offered at Miami Valley Hospital, Kettering Cancer Center, Soin Medical Center and the main hospital at Kettering Hospital, as well as churches and universities in the area.  

“Harvard Research has proven that three things produce happiness within the brain: exercise, meditation and prayer which means taking care of the body, mind and spirit,” said Mullapudi.

She said until you take care of the mind, you can’t take care of the body. With all the different religious beliefs, spirit beliefs, and other belief systems, meditation is able to tap into the silent and prayerful state in our heart because the mind is disturbed.

yoga-2176668__340If one person meditates in the house, the calmness spreads inside the house. If one person is sad, it affects the entire family, if you are happy, it affects the family and if you are peaceful, it affects the family.

Scientific research proves that if there are 100 people meditating in an area, within a five mile radius there would not be negativity. It’s like in a dark room, you light a candle and there’ll be light.

How will meditation help you?



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