Five creative ways to display family photos


Taking photos has never been easier. We all carry a convenient camera right in the palm of our hands every second of the day — making it so easy to capture every minute of our lives. But, even though our cell phones are cluttered with photos of this and that, there are some special photos that spark a special feeling in our heart that we want to display for everyone to see. But, do we display them the way our parents did? You know what I mean….. the endless photo frames lining the staircase walls or the splash of photos plastered all over the refrigerator. Oh, and don’t forget the small photo album stashed in purses.

No, let’s take a new step in showing our loves in a way like never before. There are so many ideas listed all over the internet, but here are some that inspire change. Make a statement with not only your family photos but create a story of your life with a history that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Photostrips allows photo takers to submit four  favorite photos to be displayed in strips without even visiting a photo booth. These photo strips are proudly sent in a basic cover and can be created in any format craved. They can be used to put in wallets for easy bragging, book marks, wedding ideas, or whatever wanted. They are fun and out of the box, amazingly different. What four photos will you pick? 



Customize photo books, photo frames and much more with this website. So, get ready to Custom photo books and gifts. This website also provides helpful tips on how to design great photo displays and tips on taking great photos. Follow its blog for other inspiration. It’s not all about family photos but tell stories of travel, pets, and whatever lifts your spirits.



This is a popular site that allows so many options for displaying photos. Submit one to thousands and get wonderful results each time. From simple prints to large canvas printed photos. From calendars to photo mugs, this website has so much to chose from. It’s a website that allows an endless combination of inspiration and the ability to make anything with a photo. Wake up to the face of a child with a customized pillow case or wrap yourself with the love of the whole family with a customized blanket…. see what I mean … endless.



So, if these four other sites did not provide the inspiration you desire, what about this blog- A Beautiful Mess which provides 20 ways to display your favorite photos. It’s a wonderful blog that provides a lot of neat ideas that are out of the ordinary and a fun do-it-yourself projects.



Now that you have photo ideas, how do you display them. Let Etsy help you with that. Floating shelves, stringed lights, small clothespins, wooden blocks and much more. If you can dream it, it can be achieved.


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