Pumpkins, Pumpkins – food to welcome fall

Ashley Evans brings the pumpkin flavor to some of her favorites 

Favor catering company owner and founder Ashley Evans found her passion against all odds and has set out to help others so they can also beat the odds of teen pregnancy. “For most pregnant teens, pregnancy is a major setback. Statistics surrounding teen motherhood are startling. Stories of teenage mothers are riddled with messages that regulate the parents and their children to a life of poverty, delinquency, abuse and ultimately hopelessness,” Evans said. “Our children become burdens and not the ‘bundles of joy’ they are meant to be. My goal is to change that.”

Ashley Evans
2800 Euclid Ave., Suite 150
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 220-7908

At the young age of 15, Ashley Evans found herself pregnant and wondering what the future held for her and her child. But, with the love and support of her family, she beat the odds and was able to obtain an impressive education and passion to help other pregnant teens that may not be so fortunate. In 2013, Evans began a catering company, Favor. Serving individual and company parties, her profits not only help her family and business, they also help the community. Favor provides a unique culinary experience and strives to offer the freshest and highest quality food with the best nutritional value to all her customers. But in the end, her philosophy is “simple is also delicious.”

“Favor is driven by its mission, to enrich the lives of teenage mothers and other at-risk young women, by using a portion of its proceeds to create programs that will help them envision a vibrant productive future for their families,” Evans said. Now she wants to share some of her favorite fall recipes.

“I’m a traditionalist and these are the quintessential items that I feel scream fall and are my favorites on the holiday table. They also being a lot of joy to my family,”  Evans said.”My mom traditionally made the pie. My sister begs for a pumpkin roll every year. My daughter loves anything cheesecake, and she’s also a huge fan of french toast. I personally love cold soup. It seems like it’s your excuse to eat a sweet creamy dessert before dinner. It’s just simply delectable like a creamy pumpkin milkshake.”

Pumpkin Pie

“Pumpkin pie is more than the custardy goo in a crust. It’s the simplicity of the spices and a foundation from a gourd that is as beautiful as the fall leaves. It’s the delicious mixture of rich brown sugar, the richness of the canned pumpkin and the hardiness of the nutmeg that brings the pie together with the flakey crust. But, of course, a dollop of whipped cream makes a pumpkin pie even better. No matter what recipe is used, you can’t go wrong with a classic pumpkin pie as a dessert or even a meal, if allowed.”



Pumpkin Rolls

“The best thing about pumpkin rolls is the effort and time it takes to make. Sure, some might think it’s best to just run to the store and buy a week old pumpkin roll — besides, what’s the difference right? But, think of the memories one makes standing in the kitchen with an apron wrapped snug around the waist with the little ones watching with anticipation as flour fogs the air. Much like the pumpkin pie, a pumpkin roll is just as delicious from one recipe to the next. Start with the best of cream cheese, the finest pumpkin and the best cinnamon and it will always turn out delicious — better than a store bought.”

Pumpkin Cheesecake

“Top any cheesecake with the flavor of pumpkin and how could the ending of any meal go wrong? Is there anything else to say about a creamy, thick pumpkin cheesecake? It has to be the number one cheesecake flavor ever created. The best thing now is the many different ways this dessert can be presented. It could be presented as a whole pie, in small shooters, bit size delights or even in pumpkin cheesecake cake pops, and the list goes one. No matter the delivery, it’s always a fall favorite.”

Pumpkin French Toast

“Imagine thick pieces of thick french bread lathered in a rich egg, pumpkin, cinnamon, milky mixture until golden brown then drizzled in a fine dusting of powdered sugar and a warm strip of maple syrup. If your mouth isn’t watering, you must not be a morning person. But, don’t worry, pumpkin french toast can be enjoyed anytime of the day, especially for dinner. What better way to celebrate the beginning of fall that with a warm plate of something rich in pumpkin flavor?”


Spiced Pumpkin Soup

“Spiced pumpkin soup is something that is a rare find in many Cleveland restaurants but a very popular fall time soup. So, what better than to make it yourself. Epicurious.com has a delicious recipe that’s easy to follow and the results are fabulous. Not only does spiced pumpkin soup contain delicious pumpkin puree, but ripe carrots, sweet celery and cloves, a bay leaf and even a pinch of nutmeg. It’s a soup that teases the taste buds and leaves you wanting more.”

“Each event you book with Favor provides a satisfying and memorable experience. You also help affect the quality of life of local teenage women who are often overlooked,” Evans said.


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