Local parents taking charge of school shootings

This is to no more school shootings 

A group of local elementary parents, including Chris Beck, a local attorney, developed a non-profit organization called “Creek Safededicated to increase the safety measures in the Beavercreek Schools.

But, what is Creek Safe?

This organization was formed after the Parkland, Florida school shooting. This shooting resulted in deaths of 17 individuals. Immediately after, some PTO parents got together and asked the school what they could do to help the school keep their children safe. After coming up with a plan, the parents decided to form Creek Safe. They plan to provide each elementary school with barricade locks on every door that needs on – in all six elementary schools- this is phase one. 

They are working with the schools, fire department, and police departments to focus on funding to purchase additional locks and additional security features for the schools.

Phase two is to provide any lock the schools need for the two middle schools, the ninth grade building and the high school.


Each phase needs approximately $48,000 to complete. Bellbrook Fence company agreed to complete the installations of the locks either for free or 10% of the entire cost. They are also donating 5% of every Beavercreek job they complete to Creek Safe and had recently presented the organization a check for $2,500.00. 

Creek Safe has been participating in many fundraisers and has recently announced they have raised $33,000. There will be other fundraisers in the future to help raise money and raise awareness.

It’s nice to see a community develops a plan to keep children safe and it’s also nice to see communities supporting each other.

To donate or learn more about their organization or fundraising efforts, visit Creeksafe.com or their Facebook page.

Do you know if an organization that raises money for a great cause? Please share.





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