What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Christmas?

Was your favorite gift from Santa? 

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s time to think about one word = GRATITU.  Gratitude is inclusive of many other words such as thankfulness, meaningful and appreciation. Christmas is the perfect time for this word.

When thinking of gratitude, it brings me to think about what is the best gift I’ve ever received?


I’m not much of a materialist person, but I really appreciate gifts that have meaning to me. I appreciate the idea of someone actually thinking about me as a person, a friend, a sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, wife – of what I personally would like, not just something that was picked up somewhere out of duty. 

So, with that said, I treasure every gift I receive from anyone. But, I can think of a handful of gifts that I received that have brought great happiness to me throughout my life. Needless to say, when I was a young girl, pretty much received anything I wanted from Santa. I wasn’t very grateful of those presents like I should have been – but then again how many children are? But now, that I’m an adult, I know the sacrifices my parents made to ensure my sisters and I had great Christmases and now I’m grateful for everything they did for me.

With that said, as an adult, the most memorable gifts I’ve received was a Christmas tree skirt my mother made me with photographs of me and my children scattered around the skirt. Every year, I take it out and remember the time from before they became adults. I’ll cherish it forever.

The second most memorable gifts come from my children. I don’t really mean when they were small and they brought home the small popsicle photo frame for the tree, but gifts as adults. Like I said it’s not so much about what I received, it’s the thought that went into it, it’s their hard working money that went into it, it’s the fact that for one time a year, they get together and make a group decision on what I would like as a gift.  In a little way, it demonstrates that I did an “okay” job raising them and they turned out to be wonderful adults who are caring and giving. I’ll forever be proud of them.

The third greatest gift I received was when I was working for a large law firm in Dayton and was having a really bad year. I was a single parent, struggling financially with three small children that wanted more than my pocketbook could ever afford. My place of employment took up a collection and provided me with a Christmas basket including gift cards, money and a gaming system for my boys. I’ve never felt so many mixed feelings and emotions than I did then – first ashamed, then grateful, and then just relieved and so much respect for the people I worked for and with. It’s something I’ll never forget. Since then, I try to help at least one family each Christmas, so I can share the spirit of Christmas.

Tell me about your favorite gift you’ve received?

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