Rolling Stone taking pride in print


Pictures from the February 2019 Rolling Stone edition

There is nothing better than the feel of quality paper between your fingertips and the anticipation of the words written on each page of a paperback wonder. But, with the digital age, the paper version of the written word has taken a plunge in popularity. Many publishing companies of magazines and newspapers have went bust.

I’m an old soul for the smell, feel and sight of the monthly magazines. Why? Because I love that it’s something new, something fresh, and there is always something original and exciting. I subscribe to many monthly magazines such as Opra O, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Clean Eating, and many more. I love the thrill of waiting for the next month’s edition. I love seeing it rolled up in my mailbox. I love taking them out of the protective cover. I love flipping the pages from beginning to the end.

Yes, I could read the articles and see the photos online, but it’s just not the same. I could read it on my phone, Kindle, computer or even on my television, but it’s just not the same.

The sad thing is, is that some magazines are getting smaller, pages thinner, and originality rare. But, there is one magazine that still takes pride in the creation of a beautiful product.

Rolling Stone  magazine is the best magazine in creation today. The outer cover paper is thick – it feels like a form of leather cotton – if that’s even possible. The pages are high quality, packed with high quality writing with minimal advertisements, leaving plenty of room to discuss the issues that matter— MUSIC, MOVIES and ENTERTAINMENT.

Rolling Stone takes a story from basic to the deep ballows of the truth and to the gut of the story we all want to hear. Rolling Stone takes the artists we all love and turns them into an artist that we all want to know, that we want to hang out with and someone we can all say we know.

The photos are inspiring, personal, bold and sometimes haunting.

Well done Rolling Stone! Your work will always be my favorite and I will continue looking forward to seeing each and every edition and I hope that during these dying paper ages, your magazine will hold strong and continue with the great integrity it’s had for years.

What is your favorite magazine and how do you read it?

….Looking for the next best thing…

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