Top five fashion delivery services

What will be your next favorite piece of clothing?

Looking good has never been easier.

With the closing of so many brick and mortar stores and more and more internet shopping requirements, where do you shop for clothing? If you are like me, I like to try on my clothes before buying them. I like to be able to touch the fabric and see the quality. So many times, I find something online that I think I will love, then I get it and find it doesn’t live up to my standards- which are really low to begin with.

First, I want to say that I’m not a girly girl and fashion is not my number one priority. But, I’m getting better, especially with these online delivery services. I love them and feel myself getting spoiled and not wanting to shop any other way.

Just think—- it cuts down on shopping trips. That to me is a big plus. I hate spending hours and hours going from store to store just to leave being depressed because I couldn’t find anything that fit or that was in my budget.

Fashion delivery services, like the ones below, is easy, in any budget, and offers a little thrill to shopping online. It’s like Christmas with each and every package because you never know from one box to the next, what awaits.

When you order from Amazon or other places, when you receive it and hate it, you more than likely have to pay shipping to return it. Not with fashion delivery services. When you receive a package and decide you don’t like anything for any reason, you just simply put it in the shipping bag provided with the shipment, postage pre-paid, and throw it in the mailbox for return. So simple.

Here are the top five fashion services that I think you will really enjoy:


Ellie offers quality workout attire

This service provides activewear. Their motto is, “When women support each other, powerful things happen.” Unlike other fashion services, Ellie charges a monthly fee of $39.95 and you will be provided three pieces of clothing a month. You also have the ability to pick what you would like sent – mix and match. They offer free returns and you can cancel anytime. The only downfall is that if you don’t cancel in time, you will be charged for that month, but that’s easy to take care of because their customer service employees are friendly and very helpful.

I love their website, because not only does Ellie provide great activewear, they care about their customers’ well-being. Through their blog, you will find fitness, nutrition and health information to help with your fitness journey.

Trendsend by Evereve

Trendsend is different from the store Evereve in the way that you can have the clothing delivered to you, but you will not be provided the same benefits as the store. Clearance items are available through Trendsend but they will not offer clearance prices for clothing items found in the store. So, that is one downfall.

Trendsend offers clothes from XS-XL and sizes 24-32 (0-14). So, big girls – sorry, this is not for you (including myself). But, my sister uses this service and she loves it.

How does it work? Create a profile so your stylist can learn your likes and dislikes. Not everyone dresses the same and this is one way for them to get to know you. Because, essentially, this is a relationship.

After the profile has been created – you wait for your first shipment. Trendsend ships two to three outfits in each shipment. You have five days to decide if you want to keep the items, return them or keep some and send some back. Each box with come with an invoice itemizing the cost for each item and providing you with your total, which will be billed to the credit card on file for only the items you keep.

But, what about cost? Trendsend charges a $20 styling fee that will be applied to each shipment. If you decide to keep all the items in the shipment, Trendsend will apply a 10% discount. You can set up your shipments for 30, 60, or 90 day shipment intervals. You can cancel anytime.

Unlike Ellie, you cannot choose what you receive. You can; however, put thoughts and requests in the comments when placing your order. Also, in your profile, you set a price range you are willing to pair for items of clothing. For instance, $25-$35 or $50-$100 or more. Trendsend will send items in that price range. So, your cost can vary month to month and shipment to shipment.

Stitch Fix

I love this service. This is my current go to. Stitch Fix doesn’t just offer services for women, they also offer services for men and children. Also, they also provide services for maternity wear and petites.

Women- 0-24/ XS-3X
Men- XS – 3XL
Children – 2T-14

Men and Women – $25-$500
Children- starting at $10
Keep all – receive a 25% discount
Family accounts are also available.

I feel like this service has really fine tuned their services by getting to know your likes and dislikes. How? They have a daily fashion shuffle. Each day they provide a group of clothes, shoes and accessories that you can flip through and mark – Love or Hate. It’s fun and effective. But, if you don’t want to receive something, don’t mark that you love it — because you might just get it.

The clothes received are always stylish and great quality. They wash well and hold up with no problem.

I’ve opted-out for receiving shoes, because of my feet issues, so I don’t know anything about their shoes. I’m not a jewelry person either, so I send most of that stuff back as well. It usually breaks me out if it’s not good quality silver and gold. So, if you have sensitivities, you might want to opt of those as well.

** Useless knowledge about Stitch Fix – one of the Board of Director members is the President of Taco Bell International, Liz Williams.

Just Fab

I haven’t personally used this service, but I have friends that wouldn’t use anything else. They love the quality, style and especially the price. Like Ellie, this service charges a monthly fee of $39.95 a month with a styling fee of $10.

This service offers shoes and clothing for women only. They focus and pride themselves on being fashionable and being able to utilize the latest styles.

Shoes: 5.5 – 12
Clothing – XS – 3X

Let me know what you think about this service.

Dia Co.

This is a styling service that specializes in big girl clothing – that means, not the skinny minnies- like me. Their clothing sizes are 14-32.

This is the service that I started with and was so excited to receive each and every box. Before trying Dia Co., I would have never thought I would buy a dress. I never thought I would wear a shirt that was low cut or form fitting. But, I told myself that I would try everything on once I received it. I was trying to get out of my habit of only wearing jeans and tee-shirts.

Now, because of the stylists at Dia, I’m wearing dresses, sleeveless shirts and even shorts- well, not at this moment because it’s winter – but this summer, I enjoyed wearing shorts. I’ve learned over the years that I really don’t care what anything else thinks about my body or what I look like in certain things. If I feel comfortable in it – I’m wearing it.

Price ranges are set by you when setting up your profile and can be changed anytime. $20-$500.

There is a $20 styling fee for each box

But, if you decide to keep all the items – you receive 25% off and return of your $20 styling fee. Not bad!

The reviews aren’t really great if you look for them. But, just keep your stylist updated and really provide her with all the information that would help her do a great job for you. Should your stylist not be working out, you can always request a new one.

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