FEED for a Cause


“Women on a mission” if the motto of this organization, but the mission is really about feeding the hungry. So far this organization has fed over 103,321,365 hungry children around the world, even here in America.

Lauren Bush, co-founder of FEED. In 2007, she traveled with a program called World Food Programme and saw the extreme need to help feed the hungry. Since then, it’s been her mission to do just that.

“The most vulnerable are children whose mental and physical growth; and ultimately potential to create a better future, is dependent on this most basic human needs,” Bush said.  

Bush is founder with Ellen Gustafon, who was a former United Nations Communications Officer.


From bags to home goods, products from artists and craftsman from places like Kenya, India and even America, finding something that inspires you is as easy as making a wholesome dinner for your family.

This program provides meals to over 63 countries. By feeding children, it helps them with concentration which can help led them to accelerated learning and for them to thrive and have a successful future.

Not only does she help feed the hungry, she also employees artists and craftsman to help offer a sustainable income for them and their families. FEED also responds to emergency situations to provide food aid.


For online orders- click here.

For personal purchases, you will need to take a 12 hour car ride to New York, but it you wind up on the East side, make sure to visit their store:

FEED Shop & Coffee
55 Water Street

Brooklyn, NY

The thing to remember is that we all have the power to change the world – one small good deed at a time.

Use Promo Code: HelloFeed for 15% off first order.

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