Muslim Youth Outreach helping Dayton refugees

The Muslim Sisters of Dayton teamed forces with the Catholic Social Services to help get the MYO (Muslim Youth Outreach) involved in helping Dayton refugees to plant a community garden in their backyard.

MYO students help tutor the Dayton area refugees and instill in the youth a desire to help humanity. This program is to help resettle the refugees and help develop a home for them in our community.

MYO planting essentials to help the community

On a warm Saturday morning, the students of MYO gathered to complete the planting of a garden in the Dayton refugees Dayton house. These refugees are from a camp in Tanzania and are from Eritrea and Congo. They are non-English speaking woman and children, which is why the MYO students are tutoring to teach our language.

Dayton refugee children witnessing the kindness of the Muslim Youth

“I provided them with household needs and I requested that I meet them to assess their full needs. I have taught for 30 years and I have traveled and lived in many countries, so I knew language would be a big barrier. Once I met them, I realized that they needed a lot of education to fully be able to acclimate to the american culture and learn the language,” Founder of The Muslim Youth Outreach and The Muslim Sisters of Dayton, Kaukab said.   

Refugee trying to communicate with the Muslim Youth when planting garden.

The MYO students planted cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeños, spinach, cantaloupe, variety of cabbages, okra, cilantro, tomatoes, green peas, radishes, and beets. Later, they will be adding eggplants.

Young muslim youth planting a garden for the Dayton refugees.

Initially, the group helped two refugee families and after two years, one of the families moved away to Beavercreek. This family was replaced by another refugee family that is at the current address.

The students had a great time and their parents attended and eventually chipped in to help as well. The Muslim community is making a difference in the community and always looking for new and exciting ways to help people in need.

“I feel very blessed to be given this opportunity to help our children become better human beings and give back to the community, as our religion teaches us,” Kaukab said.

Why do they do what they do? Because it’s the right thing to do and because its beneficial for both parties and the group wishes to continue making a difference.

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