Shopping for a cause couldn’t be more satisfying

Sevenly helping with world causes

Yes, we all know that shopping can be fun and finding that ONE unique item for someone can be exhilarating. But, finding that special item that will help someone is even better.

There are so many companies that sell products to raise money for cancer, which is a great cause. Imagine a world without cancer— we might see it in our lifetime. But, there are so many other causes that need assistance in the funding arena. So, I’m taking this opportunity to explore some of my favorites in the next few postings. Here are two of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them too.

Sevenly  is a non-profit , fair-trade organization that provides funds to organizations that help with charities, artists and even the people and causes close to home.

Their motto is “Make a statement without having to speak a word.” And, how do you do that? With T-shirts, hats and many other things that you can express yourself with words and material. They even offer customized work, lifestyle, home, plus sizes and children clothing.

But, what causes do they help:

*Cancer and medical research
*Disaster Relief
*Food and water relief
*Human Trafficking
*Outdoor restoration and environmental causes
*Social causes

Yes, more than seven causes, which is what I thought the name represented. This organization began in 2011 and remains strong and vibrant.

CauseBox bring unique items and helping the world


Yes, we’ve all seen the “Unwrapping” or “Unveiling” of the CauseBox packages on Youtube and Facebook- that’s because they are amazing. Every three months a new box arrives the purchaser has a say in what you receive, unlike some other monthly mail order subscriptions. It’s very exciting. But, more exciting is that each box is helping someone, somewhere.

CauseBox partners up with different causes and charities to help raise funds and share empowering stories of strength, survival, hardship and love. They partner with places like Speak Your Silence and The Jessie Rees Foundation.

Each box explains how purchasing the box helps and which causes the box funds are going to.

Helping the world and its people one box at a time.

Try these two organizations out and let me know what you think.

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