Leadership books looking for you

If you ever thought of publishing a non-fiction book, then this might be the publishing company for you. From executive to Christian leadership positions or need help building a business base, this publishing company is looking for you. 

“We are a traditional publisher that publishes leadership books in the area of business, finance, leadership, specifically Christian books. Uniquely, all of our authors have larger businesses. So, that way we can connect the reader with their business and the book- to that larger business model. So, that makes us have a unique marketing system that connects the buyer to now be engaged with the author on a more personal level, and our authors like that so much,” said Leadership Books co-founder Michael Stickler. 

This unique company helps authors build a base of followers and grow their business, in whatever area needed. Their system is designed to meet the special needs of the authors and the readers. 

Co-owner, Michael Stickler is an author himself, recently publishing his first non-fiction book, Patriot Ghost and is a four time bestselling author, philanthropist, publisher and highly sought after conference speaker. Stickler has written 19 Christian books. 

“Traditional publishing had become nearly impossible to break into,” Stickler said. “Self-publishing became so popular that the market had become flooded with writings that did not deserve to be printed.” This scenario, he explains, means good writers are left with a slim-to-no chance of getting picked up by a traditional publisher, and those who self-publish have a slim chance of selling books. 

In 2013, after publishing his first book, Stickler was getting frustrated by the help he was receiving from a traditional publisher. He wasn’t selling books, didn’t feel connected to the reader, couldn’t track his sales, so, he got with his writing coach and thought of the ways the publishing companies needed to change and how a publishing company could help not only the authors but also the readers. A business plan was developed. He sold thousands of his books utilizing this proven method. 

“We have proven methods for authors to reach more of their audience and connect with them in ways traditional, larger publishers can’t and won’t,” Stickler said. 

Once someone buys a book they connect the reader with links, articles, video clips, conferences, speaking engagements and or whatever the author has to offer. Then in about in a couple of weeks, we offer the reader to meet the author. “That’s something no other publishing company does for their authors,” Stickler said.  

For more information: visit https://leadershipbooks.com.

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