Out of town series: Experiencing Caddy’s in Treasure Island, Florida

Wow, is all I can say about this little treasure of a restaurant/bar that we found while walking on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida. Yes, I know it’s not in Ohio, but everyone has to hit the road at times. It’s that time of year where everyone packs up the bathing suits, beach towels […]

New Award-Winning book from Co-author of “Mission: Impossible”

Peter Berk has spent decades promoting others and is rather uncomfortable now promoting his own work. This new piece of work that he has, is meant to honor his late father, Howard Berk- who is credited for writing TV shows such as “Columbo” and “The Rockford Files,” among others. The new book, “TimeLock” is authored […]

One author is conquering the Catholic church one book at a time

One self-published new author is attempting to conquer crime one book at a time.  Tom Hogan, author of The Empty Confessional,  is an angered seminary refugee and professor of religion. He vowed to do something about it. While he pushes for the church to establish a zero-tolerance policy and open its records to authorities, he […]