Body Butter to taste


When people ask me what the secret is to my good skin, I say all natural and handmade soaps, body butters, lotions and skin cleaners- and of course, a good sunscreen. I never falter. Realistically, natural soaps are usually good enough to moisturize the whole body without the need for a moisturizer, but when it is needed, I tend to go for the whipped body butter. I go to a lot of markets, festivals and fairs and am known to collect soaps and lotions from all around the world, comparing which ones I like best. But Miss Selby’s is local and the store I visit most. There is a store in Middletown and a shop at The Greene. I love her soaps and they are by far my favorite. But, I’ve never experienced their body butter.

The first thing I noticed is that for a whipped body butter, it’s very thick and hard.


Many other body butters are light and fluffy. But, it’s all in taste, I suppose.


Like many coconut butter based lotions, upon applying, it does leave your skin greasy. That’s normal and it is something that really should be welcomed. Your body will naturally absorb the amount of moisture it needs when it needs it. So, even if it takes some time for the lotion mixture to absorb in your hands, feet, legs, or body- it’s normal. So, don’t buy an all-natural based lotion expecting it to absorb like Bath and Body Works lotions, or you will be disappointed. Bath and Body Works lotions are made of harsh chemicals and toxins and really cause hard to the body.

For the most part, Miss Selby’s whipped body butter face & body lotion is delightful but I wasn’t expecting it to be so think and hard- but it works just the same.

What do you think of Miss Selby’s products?

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