Parents making a difference for local band group


The community will now start seeing the Beavercreek High School band sporting new digs. As part of a new fundraising campaign, they were able to purchase and give a facelift to a new band truck and trailer with the help of not only the band members, but also the parents.

“Support the Tradition- Renew the Pride” campaign was brought about after the former truck and trailer broke down last spring during a trip to the Virginia Arts Festival, with a truckload full of band equipment that had to be transported from the highway to the parade location. When evaluating the situation, it was apparent that the band had outgrown the old truck. So, Matt Frost, the band director, asked John Feeney and other band parents to form a committee to look into some fundraising ideas to purchase a new trailer, truck and new band uniforms.

“The marching band and color guard had 184 members in 2011-2012. Now, they have 301 members,” volunteer band parents in the Beavercreek Music Parents Association, John Feeney said. “The band now includes six concert bands, four jazz bands, a pep band, a percussion ensemble, three winter guards, the pit orchestra for the school musical. These bands have performance opportunities in Ohio Music Education Association Marching Band, solo and ensemble, an a large group contests as well as other community performances.”

John Feeney, volunteer representing band parents in the Beavercreek Music Parents Association.  Including Marching Band and Color Guard, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, and others.

The band members have had the same uniforms since 2009. Even though the students and parents have taken very good care of them throughout the years, they are in desperate need of new uniforms. The fundraising efforts will also help with this.

“Even though the school board has been very generous in supporting the music program, the band and color guard uniforms, truck and trailer as well as other equipment needs to be raised with private donations and fundraising beyond what is provided by the district,” Feeney said.

The transformation of the moving truck to the Beavercreek High School Band truck took over 1,000 volunteer hours from parents as well as support from City Electric Supply and Carl’s Body Shop.  

“The work included stripping decals, sanding, and replacing hardware on the exterior of the trailer. Stripping, refinishing, and sealing the interior floor of the trailer. Parents worked with the student band crew members who are responsible for loading/unloading the trailer to design the layout of the trailer so it would store the growing band’s equipment. This work including adding a second deck, a new shelving system that fits all the band equipment and ladders,” Feeney said. “A team of parents also worked to paint, fabricate, assemble and install the entire electrical system, including internal and external lights, fans, and a sound system.”

The goal with “Support the Tradition- Renew the Pride” is to raise $100,000 before April 10, 2018.  From now until then, a number of fundraisers, including a door-to-door events.

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