What good habits do you wish you started earlier in life?


Be as happy as you can be 

Isn’t there a quote that says- “I wish I knew then what I knew now?” Oh, there are so many situations that could start with this quote. 

When you look back at your life, what were some things that you remember were common practices that now you know were not good for you? What have you stopped doing and now do instead?

I remember in the early 80’s riding my bike behind the “smog machine” that released bug spray. For years, all the kids in the neighborhood looked forward to summertime and following this big truck from street to street, gathering more and more friends trailing behind. Who knows, now, what we were breathing into our small lungs. How has that affected us know.

I also remembering lathering our small bodies up with butter, oils and who knows what just to get the darkest tan for the summer. We laid out on roofs, on foil looking material to attract the sun, but we did it everyday of the summer at the local pool, sidewalks, yards, and on top of cars. Now, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t do that in fear of skin cancer or other connective tissue diseases.

Food – don’t even go there with me. The food industry has changed dramatically since the early 80’s and it’s so hard to tell lies from facts. It’s hard to trust what we are eating and know how much politics are involved in the things we feel should be healthy for the body. Yes, many things have changed in the environment, but so have we are people.

So, I ask…. What good habits do you wish you started earlier in life? Here are ten of the top things Americans wish they would have changed about their lives before seeing the effects of bad choices.

  1. Wearing sunglasses and sunscreen
Sun is no longer our friend 

How many times are we told, “if you go out, cover up!”  Use sunscreen, protect your eyes and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. But, we all need sun. We all need to be outside and be able to enjoy outdoor activities. So, now, we use protection to prevent diseases, cancer, and severe long lasting effects. 

2. To accept myself for who I am and say what I think and feel

It’s okay to be you

If you are from my generation, you were probably taught to be respectful and not talk unless spoken too. Parents and teachers told us what to do rather than ask our thoughts and feelings. So, as adults, we stuck to those principles and allowed ourselves to be pushovers and taken advantage of. But, now we know our thoughts matter, our needs matter, our feelings matter. No longer are we afraid to be who we are. 

3. Ignore diet hypes

Fade diets are not the answer 

Keeping a healthy diet is really important. So, staying away from fade or crash diets are something to stay away from. Research has proven that these types of diets cause not only temporary weight loss but also more fat cells, causing weight to pack on when stopping the diet. They can also cause additional health issues, different types with different diets. 

4. Keep moving makes the body good

Daily exercise is good for more than the body

It’s just like that commercial says, “a body in motion, stays in motion.” In the not so far past, men, women and children fought hard to get the things they needed and ate. They worked farms, raised animals, grew crops, built their own houses, made their own clothes and depended on others to see them through the hard winters. But, now, we sit at computers all day, watch television and have sedentary lives. Americans now have more pain and disease than ever. So, exercising is more important to keep the body and soul at it’s tip top shape. 

5. Being unique is good

The best part of life is to be silly and be yourself 

No longer do we have to be so serious about life. We only get one – right? Live it up and have fun. People might look at you like you are crazy – but I will see you as just plain fun! Be yourself and have a great time doing it. 

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